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Earn cash on every sale you drive to our site.

Why should you choose the ICANSIT program?

Promoting the ICANSIT product line and increasing sales means easy passive income for you. If you already like our products and are willing to spread the word, you can make really easy money. We pay up to 16% commissions with a 90 day cookie – this is one of the highest commissions in the world. You can make a lot of money from converting referrals.

How It Works?

There are three levels to our program:

"On the occasion of the launch of the affiliate program on the site, enjoy a 20% commission starting with the first sale!"



Sell up to 20 ICANSIT seat cushions and get a 12% commission


Sell over 20 ICANSIT seat cushions and get 14% commission.

ICANSIT Platinum

Sell over 40 ICANSIT seat cushions and get 16% commission

The ICANSIT Affiliate Program is open to everyone. There is no minimum payment.
Get paid starting with your first referral that converts to a sale. A commission is paid as a percentage of the total sale on each of our products. A commission is paid to partners twice a month on the 15th for all sales up to the 15th of the previous month, and on the 30th for sales up to the 30th of the previous month.

Cookies are used to track any purchase that occurs after a buyer clicks on your affiliate link. You will receive a commission if the purchase is made within 45 days of the buyer visiting our site after clicking on your link.

Due to the risk of fraudulent activity, we will not pay for any sale returned within 30 days From the date of receipt of the product.


Refer Friends and Family

Refer friends and family, to purchase and enjoy ICANSIT products, to improve their quality of life.

Start earning easy money by referring the site. As the number of referrals increases, the profit percentages increase.

For more details, click here.

Wholesale shopping

Want to sell our products in your business store? It’s totally possible! You can sell the products in your store and earn lucrative commissions on each sale, and in addition we will provide you with extensive professional help.

So if you have a store for orthopedic products, office and gaming products, a pharmacy, furniture, or any other shop, we are here to provide you with the tools for success!

For more details, please contact us.

Join as a marketer

Do you also feel frustrated when you see your small budget at the end of the month? Are you trying to make a living and always feel short on resources? Are you tired of empty promises of easy and fast money from risky pyramid schemes? If you already know ICANSIT and our products, and want to spread the word, you should check whether joining the ICANSIT family as a marketer is right for you. As an ICANSIT marketer, with the right work, you can earn significantly. To get more details contact us.

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