Our Successful Projects

With many years of work and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, Our company is behind many successful projects of consumer products. Beginning with the product planning stage and all its details, continuing to the production line, and from there to the distribution channels for customers around the world. We do not compromise on the quality of our products, with us this is not a groundless boast, it is the reality and is verified by the many thousands of positive feedbacks that our products receive.

Product Development Approach

When we approach product development, we go to the extreme. We explore all possibilities, and see how we can develop the product that will work for the customer. For our latest development of our innovative product, the seat cushion, we recruited the best minds in the relevant fields; orthopedists, chiropractors, and back doctors, to ensure that when customers receive the finished product, they will get exactly what they wanted, and in the most improved version available.
We hope that you, too, will find your comfort together with us, the Icansit team.

Meet Our Team

Joe B


Joe is the company’s CEO and fosters a corporate culture that prioritizes fulfilling consumer needs. He understands the importance of comfort and health. When his team developed the perfect pillow, he loved it and said, “We need to bring that level of comfort to our customers as well.” The rest is history.


Head of the Customer Service Team

He is a skilled and experienced customer service team leader. He specializes in accompanying and guiding the customer service personnel to ensure that every customer receives professional and courteous service and feels important and respected. Tom carries out his task with respect and professionalism and tries to maximize the contact area of ​​the customers with the company and provide them with the best experience.

Sally K

Product Developer

Sally went to great lengths to find the perfect pillow design. With extensive experience and knowledge in manufacturing and ergonomics, she successfully leads the team in creating “the most perfect pillow possible”. Sally listens carefully to each customer story to constantly find ways to improve the already ideal product.

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