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I travel a lot in my small little car, from when I have my Icansit cushion I feel like I have a small
jeep – it heightens me and widens my field of vision. Now it’s hard for me travel without the cushion.

Simon R

I am a driver, I bought this cushion – it is just a completely different driving experience. I recommended to all my friends.


I don’t specifically suffer from pain when sitting, and I was quite skeptic when my friends so
highly recommended to me this cushion, but when I started to use it in my car I saw what all
the excitement was about. It gives me height and a whole different experience in the car.

Sol L

I have a very simple car, but this cushion I feel that I have a very expensive car, travelling is much smoother and more comfortable. Also prevents jolting on the journey.

Ervyn E

My friend gave me the cushion as a gift and I put it in the car, I have to tell you that it is a completely different driving experience.

David K

My job is to grade exams and I am suffering from a slipped disc. I bought this cushion which helps me to work much longer hours with much better concentration.

Ashley P

I bought this for a family member who is very sick and was unable to sit because of very severe pain, and the cushion relieved a lot of the pain.

David A

I am disabled in a wheelchair and suffer a lot from bedsores. When I heard about this amazing cushion I chased after one of your representatives at home even though you were officially closed for vacation. I bought it and it helped me tremendously. Thank you, M, for doing everything to get it to me even when on vacation.


Hi – for six months I have been suffering with my tailbone. I tried everything but nothing improved the situation. My friend recommended to me this cushion, I have it for two months and literally feel a new person. Thank you and please advertise so it can help other people.


Hi – I just wanted to thank for this amazing cushion – it saved me and helps me loads. Thank you.


I work long hours on the computer, each time I was pregnant I couldn’t work at all whilst sitting due to terrible back pain – only when lying. In my last pregnancy I had this cushion and it was a different story I could continue working as normal.

Christine B

I am in my second pregnancy and I am suffering from severe symphysiolysis, unable to walk or sit – with this cushion I am able to sit again. Thank you.


After birth I suffered from hemorrhoids, I made sure to sit only on this cushion, it not only relieved the pain but also cured the hemorrhoids much quicker. Thank you.

Shirley P

After my first birth I was in a lot of pain from stiches. I could only lie and not sit at all until my mother – in – law brought this cushion as I gift and I was able to sit again without pain.


I bought this as a gift for my grandfather who could never sit for more then ten minutes at a time. He always used to lie down on benches etc. with this cushion he is able to sit for much longer periods of time.


I suffered with pains when sitting and the cushion relieved me of all pain. Not only this, but before I go to sleep, I always have pain also when lying down. I found that the cushion also helps me with this. I sit on the cushion for a few minutes until the pain passes and then I lie down free of pain. Thank you.


I am an older person that suffers from pain when sitting. I have tried all the different types of cushions that exist but nothing helped until I found the Icansit which is on a different level completely. Recommend Icansit to all after trying many many others!


Hi – I bought this as a gift for my parents who haven’t stopped thanking me so I decided to buy one for myself too.


I am a therapist and give workshops therefore I am sitting a lot. Although I do not have pain when sitting I use the cushion to ensure correct posture.


I am an older woman and I take this cushion with me wherever I go because it so light and simple it feels like a portable armchair. I recommended to a few friends who also bought it.

Lisa N

I study on a slippery bench which causes me not to sit correctly, this cushion helps ensure correct sitting.


I bought this for my husband who works as an artist, he kept having to change positions out of discomfort. From when I bought cushion he is able to sit many hours with complete concentration without having to change positions.

Debby W

I sew and I have a special chair but the threads keep getting stuck in. I bought the cushion and put it on a simple chair, now it’s not only more comfortable but also the threads don’t get tangled.


I am a professional artist and my wife bought this special cushion for me, and I have to tell you it makes such a difference I reach many more goals with its comfort. Thank you!


I had to take a very long trip at the end of pregnancy including a flight and a long journey of almost two days. I went to this adventure very calmly knowing that I have the Icansit cushion with me. I had a smooth easy trip with no pains at all. 


As a business man I fly very frequently, from when I purchased the cushion the flights are much easier.

Michael S

My wife bought this for me to take on my trip, it was so amazing – it was just a shame I couldn’t call her from the flight to thank her!


I study a lot and when I want to concentrate more I sit on the cushion. The comfort or I don’t know what help me to concentrate more on the learning.

Jeff C

As a CEO I have an executive chair, I prefer sitting on it only with this pillow and even more I would rather sit on a simple chair with the pillow then on my executive chair without.

Sam E

I work many hours in an office, at one point I started suffering from incorrect sitting, it got to a point that I even wanted to leave the job. I saw your advertisement and decided to give a try, after a week I started to feel a huge difference as if I was sitting for the first time. Massive thank you.


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the website will undergo an update soon, and there will be an update to the expert reviews page. Thank you for your understanding.

the website will undergo an update soon, and there will be an update to the expert reviews page. Thank you for your understanding.

the website will undergo an update soon, and there will be an update to the expert reviews page. Thank you for your understanding.

the website will undergo an update soon, and there will be an update to the expert reviews page. Thank you for your understanding.

the website will undergo an update soon, and there will be an update to the expert reviews page. Thank you for your understanding.

the website will undergo an update soon, and there will be an update to the expert reviews page. Thank you for your understanding.

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Pressure? back pain? fatigue?

It all begins with how we sit. The I-can-sit smart orthopedic seat cushion is an ingenious invention to improve health and quality of life. The I-can-sit cushion boasts a new and advanced concept of correct sitting ergonomics. The cushion combines advanced technologies and materials to dynamically adapt to the body and provide personal support to each user.
What happens when sitting for a long time without proper support?
Prolonged sitting without proper support causes strain and pressure on the lower back, pelvis, and waist muscles. This creates tension in the muscles, restricts blood flow and presses the nerves. The result is a feeling of pressure, back pain and chronic fatigue. In addition, the pressure on the spine impairs the ability to sit upright, which negatively affects motivation and mood. Therefore, correct and supportive sitting is so important for reducing stress, pain, fatigue and improving mood.

Proper Support

Sitting with proper support  means creating an environment where all parts of the body involved in sitting – the pelvis, waist, lower back, shoulders and head – are all optimally supported by the sitting surface. Proper support ensures that the body’s weight is distributed evenly and does not allow all the pressure to be concentrated to a few points.

Proper support allows the muscles to lean and relax instead of stretching and straining and prevents spinal deformities by stabilizing the back in its natural neutral position. This eases the pressure load on the discs between the back vertebrae and allows them to “breathe”. As a result, the pain and tension in the back decreases, and the entire chain of muscles accompanying the spine can relax, which leads to an overall relief of the stress in the body.

Proper support improves blood circulation in the entire area and increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles and brain, which contributes to a feeling of vigor and energy instead of fatigue and exhaustion.

The Science Behind Correct Sitting

The statement “i can sit”, expresses a broad and deep understanding of the act of sitting. We realized that in order to be able to say “I can sit” in the full sense, we must experience proper support for all body parts involved in sitting.

We researched and analyzed in depth the challenges and difficulties involved in sitting correctly over time, and the need to find an optimal way to allow the body to sit in a healthy, comfortable and supportive manner.

This idea led us to develop the iCanSit product – an ergonomic and innovative seating cushion that fulfills the dream of correct and healthy sitting. This pillow allows the user to confidently say “I can sit!” with maximum comfort, support and functionality.

ICANSIT Cushion Structure Provides maximum support and comfort.

The iCanSit seat cushion has been carefully designed and developed  based on the in depth knowledge that we have developed for the best ways to provide proper support to the body while sitting.

The comprehensive research we conducted on the optimal sitting position and the unique needs of each area of the body involved in sitting, allowed us to precisely plan the shape and structure of the pillow so that it provides maximum support and comfort.

We used advanced materials such as unique memory foam, which was designed to respond appropriately to the structure and weight of the body while sitting, and includes a cool effect gel layer that provides a refreshing feeling, and effectively prevents heat build-up, excessive sweating and discomfort.

Our engineers make optimal use of these materials in a design ideally suited to provide proper support to the waist, pelvis, lower back and other relevant areas. This is how we created a seating cushion that was purpose-built to achieve maximum support while sitting, based on the most advanced scientific and technological knowledge.

Exclusively developed memory foam designed to respond to the structure and weight of the body.

The iCanSit seat cushion contains a unique memory foam developed for us after years of research and development. Our memory foam has undergone continuous testing and improvement processes by experts in order to optimally adapt it to the needs of proper support in sitting for long periods. Unlike standard memory foams, the iCanSit memory foam was designed to respond in a unique way to the structure and weight of the body while sitting. It is able to dynamically adjust itself to provide optimal support for the lower back, pelvis and lumbar region – exactly where it is needed.
This is a smart and unique memory foam technology that was developed while investing a lot of resources in research and development to bring you the most perfect sitting experience.

Additional Features

For easy and portable use. These features make the pillow even more portable and versatile. It is easy to carry, allows you to maintain hygiene, and can be adjusted to different sitting environments and personal preferences.

Removable and Washable Cover:

The cover can be removed and washed, which allows you to keep the seat cushion clean.

Fashionable Colors and fabrics:

The cushion is available in 3 fashionable colors: black, gray and beige.  You can choose a velvet fabric or flexible spandex cover

Carry handle:

Each cover includes a convenient handle for carrying the seat cushion.

Optional seat straps:

You can purchase a cover with tie straps to connect the cushion to a chair.

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